12 Lush Hacks – Tips & Tricks

As you may already know I am a big fan of lush products, so I often go shopping in lush but I’ve got to admit the price can be quite high at times. After all you can only buy a certain amount of products until you go a bit overboard with your money. So I thought I’d help you out by giving you a few tips, tricks and hacks to give you a helping hand the next time you go shopping in lush. Lets begin!

1# Shower loofah for your shower jellies

Many people say to chop up your shower jellies to get longer use of them but if you simply swirl/rub your shower loofah or scrubber on it, you not only have lots of bubbles but a small container lasting up to 1-2 months or a large container up to 3 & 1/2 – 4 months depending on how much you apply or use the shower jelly.

2# chop your bath bombs

I’m sure you have probably heard of this tip/hack already but to get the most for the money you payed for your bath bomb, just chop it in half or quarters. I usually half them or cut them in 1/3 and them crumble a bit of a bubble bar.

3# Buy a fun bar

The best item from lush to buy would be the fun bar as it has multiple uses and costs less than buying the other products separately. you could use it as a shampoo or shower gel, a bubble bar, soap or just something to play with. I brought the large rainbow bar for £7.95 which had seven colours(the colours of the rainbow) and it lasted for over a year!

4# Stainless tub with wipes

If you have stains from using your bath bombs, just grab a baby wipe and wipe away. It should come off straight away although this never happens to me.

5# Want samples? just ask!

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide if you want to fully commit to a product such as their skincare range so asking for samples is necessary and the truth is they don’t mind! Simply ask if you can have a sample for the product and they should say yes.

6# Freshest bath bombs & bubble bars at the base

A lot of previous lush employees have said that the freshest bath bombs and bubble bars are kept at the bottom of the box, so get digging!  

7# More bubble baths

To get more uses out of your bubble bar, chop it up to 6 pieces and then use. This will get you 6 bubble baths instead of 1 with a whole bubble bar.

8# Moisturising baths

If you grate a little bit of your massage bar, you can have your whole body feeling smooth and have your skin moisturised.

9# Five containers for a fresh face mask

Don’t throw out your containers once you have used them! If you wash them out and bring 5 back to your nearest lush store, you can pick from a range of fresh face masks which are normally £7.50 when bought normally without the containers.

10# Get free facials

By asking politely, you could get yourself a free, mini skin treatment including scrubs and masks. This way you could test out the product before deciding whether you would like to buy the product.

11# Soap slices

To avoid a huge mess and save money, cut your soap in thin (about less than 1/2 cm) slices and then use. By doing this, your soap won’t drip & reduce the size after using in water and you can store your soap in a box so you can cut more slices when you finish.

12# Boxing day shopping

For the past 3 years, I have been going to my lush store on boxing day early in the morning at about 10 o’clock and buying all the products on sale. This is one of the best ways to save money as anytime of the year other than Christmas won’t have sales so i like to stock up for the whole year. I would definitely recommend shopping at your lush store on boxing day or even later as the sale here in England lasts for a couple of weeks before running out of the products!

Thanks for reading this post 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it & it didn’t take too long to read. I’m trying to write more often now so I’d really appreciate if you have anything specific you would like to read about. comment below which hack was your favourite!

Saima x


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